SEO —- The Demanding Tool!

Online marketing is spreading its roots drastically and SEO is the most demanded tool to endure the business needs and makes sure that your domain is ranked on the top of the competitors. CEC logics is the excellent providers of the SEO facility. They use the SEO along with the SMO and SMM to optimize your website.  The complete package gives the boost to your business. The difference can be felt when you have the best ROI after a shortest time span.  Here is a wakeup call to all those big giants who consider themselves the experts!

The penguin approach

Google updates it’s standards and launched an algorithm update known as the Penguin update. Due to this approach the online marketers has the drastic losses over night. The only key for survival was the quality of link building. This is the golden key for the survival and to generate the great ROI.

Social media:

The trend of using the social media came into existence and everyone started using the social media as the pitch.  All the social sites give the value addition to the back linking. Here are the top rated factors that made the website ranked:

  • Shares by people on FB
  • Back links
  • Total amount of facebook
  • Comments on facebook
  • Links on facebook
  • Domain carrying keyword

Hence social media is the key element that needs to be used to engage and involve the people so much so that they become addictive to your posts.

Advancement in PPC search:

Google played a vital role in the advancement of PPC search. Now the search is mobile one can directly search from the domain or the advertisement.

Neck to neck competition:

The two most vital and the big social and searching sites facebook and Google were having neck to neck competition as facebook gained the fame of being social. Google serves the purpose of providing the latest information at the advanced level where as facebook connects the people in the stronger bond, together both makes the best link.


Duplicate checkers:

with the advancement in the tools now it is far more easy for the websites to check the duplicate content , this step has been advanced by the Google , hence everyone is compelled to use the best and the exclusive content for the development of websites .

Ratings on the page:

Due to the advance tools and techniques, if used in the technical manner, the rating of the website increases. This means that your website or the blog posts will be rated on the first 10 pages of the Google search engine.

All the SEO workers need to get sharpening effect to beat the competitors that are in the market. Getting expert isn’t an easy way out! Learn, adapt and implement!